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In general, the price for work done is derived using three factors:
1. Where is the work environment?
2. How long should the project take?
3. Is the use of hazardous solvents required?
Normally, a project is $350.00 for a set up fee, and $35.00 per hour thereafter.
So a mural that takes 10 hours to complete should cost $700.00. While a 20
hour project should cost $1,050.00 . If the project were for the outdoors,
or needed to be done with enamel-based paints, and took 10 hours, one could
expect to pay $900.00 total for a $450.00 set up fee and $45.00 per hour
thereafter. All prices are agreed upon beforehand in writing with a scale-
drawing sketch review. Changes to the design during the work are subject
to additional charges, on a time-based scale as well. Estimates are free.

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Note: On Location work may not be available in all areas, please use the estimate
contact link to confirm all mural project requests and set an estimate appointment.
The Set-Up Fee does not include any hours of on location services.

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Monthly Cost Setup Cost First Year Total Following Year Renewals
1 10 250 370 120
2 12 300 444 144
3 18 350 566 216
4 24 400 688 288
5 30 450 810 360
6 36 500 932 432